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Literature Related to Personalized Learning

ASCD, 2016. Tapping the Power of Personalized Learning: A Roadmap for School Leaders. (Accessed: December 27, 2016)

Jim Rickabaugh, author and Wisconsin educator, describes the research supporting the Institute for Personalized Learning, A Division of CESA  #1’s model of personalized learning and the research supporting this approach for student learning.

Education Week, 2016. Personalized Learning: What Does the Research Say? (Accessed December 27, 2016)

The author discusses a challenge for personalized learning, which is the lack of a common definition and highlights some of the research focused on personalized learning.

INACOL, 2016. Student-Centered Learning: Functional Requirements for Integrated Systems to Optimize Learning. (Accessed January 5, 2017)

This report examines how technology can be used to meet the learner’s needs within a student-centered environment.

Midwest Comprehensive Center, 2018. An Annotated Bibliography of Personalized Learning Resources with a Focus on Equity.

The Midwest Center conducted a literature review, which focuses on personalized learning through the lens of equity.

Rand Corporation, 2015. Continued Progress: Promising Evidence on Personalized Learning. (Accessed: December 27, 2016)

This report looks at 62 public charter and district schools that are implementing personalized learning practices and examined more closely the implementation of personalized learning in 32 of the schools.

Wisconsin Center for Education Research, 2015. Personalization in Practice: Observations from the Field. (Accessed: December 27, 2016)

University of Wisconsin-Madison researchers studied K-12 public schools implementing personalized learning and produced this working paper based on their research. A primary focus was to see how the core principles of personalized learning were being implemented in schools.

Midwest Comprehensive Center, 2018. Transforming Systems for High Levels of Learning for All Students: Personalized Learning in Wisconsin (Accessed: September 30, 2018)

The Midwest Comprehensive Center conducted six interviews with educators at the school and district levels who are implementing personalized learning. Each interview focused on one of the stages of transformation used by the Institute for Personalized Learning: A division of Cooperative Education Service Agency #1. This document provides readers with a snapshot of each district’s personalized learning journey and shares one approach to achieving that stage of implementation.

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