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Coding Initiative in Wisconsin Public Libraries

What Do We Mean by Coding?

When we say "coding," we mean not only coding and computer programming, but also coding as a literacy, as the ability to apply computational thinking for problem solving and stimulating creativity. More than anything, we want to increase awareness that coding concepts are for anyone and everyone.


How Do I Get Started?

Coding quiz

Interest Inventory

A quiz to identify your specific coding interests

Routes to Coding

Routes to Coding

Concrete guides for eight coding topics

Coding resources

Coding Resources

A searchable list of coding essentials

What Is the Coding Initiative?

The Coding Initiative in Wisconsin Public Libraries aims to increase awareness of the whys and hows of coding for library staff and library users of all ages. The project will demonstrate the role of public libraries in learning and use of technology, and increase resource sharing and continuing education collaboration among and between regional library systems. This multi-year project is made possible by LSTA funds and is coordinated by the Public Library Development Team at the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. 

For questions about this information, contact Tessa Michaelson Schmidt (608) 267-5077