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Wisconsin Public Library Development Team Publications

Below are publications authored by the Public Library Development Team or publications that team staff contribute to. These publications are copyrighted by the Department of Public Instruction but most information can be used with proper attribution. 

Administrative Essentials: A Handbook for Wisconsin Public Library Directors This handbook provides some of the information essential to succeeding as a Wisconsin public library director. It can be useful to public library trustees and public library system staff responsible for assisting and supporting public library directors. With it, public library trustees can better understand how complex and challenging director positions can be.
Certification Manual for Wisconsin Public Library Directors This manual is intended to serve as a guide for public library directors and boards in meeting the requirements of Wisconsin's public librarian certification law.
Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA): An FAQ This FAQ is designed to answer many of the common questions related CIPA, including the need—under certain circumstances—for libraries and schools to install Internet filters.
Collocated School and Public Libraries: Guidelines for Decision Makers This guide is designed to help communities determine whether collocating public and school libraries is the best way to provide effective library services to the public and students.
Guidelines for Collection of Public Library Nonresident Usage Statistics This guide will help libraries in collecting data on nonresident use of the library. Many Wisconsin libraries already collect some nonresident usage statistics.
Public Library Space Needs: A Planning Outline This outline is intended to help librarians and trustees determine whether to initiate a facilities planning process. By completing it, librarians and trustees can obtain an estimate of their library's space needs.
Trustee Essentials: A Handbook for Wisconsin Public Library Trustees This publication comprises a number of Trustee Essentials, along with additional appendices. As the name implies, these Essentials cover the basic information needed by trustees to serve their library and community effectively.
Wisconsin Public Library Standards These standards define a basic level of library service that should be available to all residents of Wisconsin and also provide a pathway to excellence in library service.
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