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LSTA Fiscal Reporting Instructions

Federal guidelines require careful adherence to approved purchasing procedures and a regular reporting of obligations and expenses to the Department of Public Instruction.

LSTA grant recipients may begin to order approved items and request funds as of the federal subaward grant beginning date. Since the Fiscal Report form (PI-1086) is a report of details to support a reimbursement request, all receipts and purchase orders are kept by the library or library system in the case of a future audit.

Fiscal report form to use

All federal fiscal project activity is to be reported on the Fiscal Report form PI-1086 spreadsheet. LSTA project administrators should complete this form to report LSTA expenses and receive payment.

Partial or final claims can be submitted by FAX (608-267-9207) to School Management Services. This an example of a partial claim.

An authorized signature is required on all final fiscal reports.

Portions to complete on the Program Fiscal Report

  • District Number: For public library systems only - use the 4-digit agency code (LEA) found on the Notification of Federal Grant Subaward. Public libraries ignore this box.
  • District/Agency Legal Name: Type the name of library or library system that is serving as the fiscal agent for the Subaward
  • Program: LSTA
  • Grant Number: Report number assigned by Division for Libraries and Technology and specified in your Notification of Federal Grant Subaward (e.g., 15-120-LSTA)
  • Project Beginning Date: See Notification of Federal Grant Subaward (e.g. September 1, 2017)
  • Project Ending Date: See Notification of Federal Grant Subaward (e.g. April 1, 2018)
  • Account Name: Report expenditures for approved LSTA accounts used in the LSTA application form (i.e., salaries and wages, employee benefits, library collection, etc.).
  • Approved Budget: Enter all of the amounts approved in your LSTA application form or an approved budget revision request form.
  • Obligations:  Amount of funds that you are requesting.
  • Total Disbursements: Report the amount paid to date per account.  Leave blank if you have not received any funds to date.
  • Unencumbered Balance: This column will fill in automatically when obligations are made.
  • Total Funds Received to Date: Report total funds received until this point. Leave blank if you have not received any funds to date.
  • Report Type: Check the box for partial or final claim.
  • Amount Requested this Claim:Complete this box for the current request as it will not fill in automatically.  It represents the current amount being requested.

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For questions about this information, contact Tessa Michaelson Schmidt (608) 267-5077