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An informational webinar was offered on Tuesday, December 17. Here's an archived version of that WLTC introductory webinar in case you missed it. (

1/3/2020 update: Application deadline extended. Applications for both Coaches and Teams are now due Friday, January 17 at 5 PM.

Coach Training Program Description

A core component of WLTC is the coaching program. Envisioned as an 18-month masterclass in authentic leadership, resilience, and self-care, Coaches will be assigned two participant Teams to cheerlead and shepherd through their library community engagement projects. At every step along the way, Coaches will be guided by WLTC leadership team members Beck Tench and Susan Hildreth. Through working with Beck and Susan, Coaches will learn (1) how to facilitate change in their Teams, and (2) how to avoid personal burnout and cope with the demands of being a library leader.

In considering whether coaching is right for you, consider less the qualities you have that would make you "coach-like"—such as seniority or prior experience with community engagement—and instead, consider your learning goals. Both Coaches and participants will learn about community engagement and develop new skills in awareness, compassion, and resilience, but the two roles focus on those learnings differently.

  • If your learning goals are currently externally oriented and you would like to focus on community engagement and relationships with your institution and the community it serves, we recommend you apply to be a Team.

  • If your learning goals are currently internally oriented and you would like to focus on cultivating self-awareness, compassion for yourself and others, and resilience in risk-taking and failure through nurturing relationships with other librarians, we recommend you apply to be a Coach.

The Department of Public Instruction's Public Library Development Team recognizes that equity, diversity and inclusion impacts all aspects of work among public libraries, and within the communities served by libraries. This work includes addressing, dismantling, and transforming policies, structures, and biases in the field of librarianship and the communities they serve. A goal of the WLTC training program is to create a more equitable, diverse and inclusive society via the work of public libraries.

Coach Overview

Coaches will attend one four-day in-person session and four two-day in-person sessions over the course of 18-months. This in-person time will begin with a Coach-only session in March 2020. The remaining four training sessions will include Team members, as well.

In-person Coach training dates are set for:

  • March 26-27, 2020, Coaches only in Sheboygan, WI

  • April 18-21, 2020, Coaches and Teams in Madison, WI

    • WLTC pre-conference begins at 1 PM on 4/18/20 and runs through midday 4/19/20

    • The Lead the Way: Libraries at the Heart of Community Engagement starts the morning of Monday, 4/20 and runs through noon on Tuesday, 4/21.*

    • Both the pre-con and the conference itself are part of the WLTC training

  • September 10-11, 2020, (location TBD) Coaches and Teams

  • March 25-26, 2021 (location TBD) Coaches and Teams

  • July 15-16, 2021 (location TBD) Coaches and Teams

Coaches will also participate in a monthly Coach-only call with Beck and Susan. All other weeks of the month, Coaches are expected to check-in with their teams individually for 15-30 minute call (each). In general, Coaches are expected to spend one hour a week on their work in WLTC, a total of four hours monthly.

Coaching will work best for individuals with the following competencies and goals:



  • Comfort facilitating group conversations and connections

  • Time and project management skills

  • Responsive to others (easy to get in contact with, good at follow-through)

  • Handles change and evolving dynamics of Teams well

  • Become a better listener

  • Connect WI librarians with each other, build state network

  • Increase well-being for yourself and other librarians across the state

  • Be more authentic, self-aware, and compassionate in work and life

Please apply by completing the Coach application by 5:00 PM on January 10 17, 2020 (deadline extended). If selected, your organization will be asked to sign a letter of commitment that summarizes the time and travel necessary to complete the program.

All expenses incurred in Coach roles will be paid by DPI, such as mileage, meals, and lodging for training. There should be no direct financial costs to people serving in Coach roles, other than their time.

*Lead the Way conference registration fees are covered for WLTC. If you are a Wisconsin librarian or community member who is interested in attending the conference and you also intend to apply to be part of the Wisconsin Libraries Transforming Communities cohort, we recommend that you register for the Lead the Way conference before the finalized WLTC cohort selection is made. If you are selected for the WLTC cohort, the iSchool will refund your registration fee. If you are not selected for the cohort, you will have a guaranteed conference registration. We anticipate that the Lead the Way conference will have high attendance and may fill. Questions about Lead the Way conference registration? Contact Anna Palmer,

For questions about this information, contact Cindy Fesemyer (608) 266-8053