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Archived Rules

The permanent rules in the table below are in effect and have been incorporated into the DPI Administrative Code. The table is organized by the affected DPI Code Chapter but may be organized by any of the other columns by clicking on the appropriate column header in the table. Further information on each rule can be found by clicking on each rule's subject line.

Further information on the rule promulgation process can be found by clicking on the Administrative Rules home page. The list of all proposed rule modifications that are currently in process can be viewed by clicking here.

2019-20 Legislative Session Archived Rules

Clearinghouse Rule Number Rule Subject Affected DPI Code Chapters Effective Date
CR 18-036

Changes to PI 15 as a Result of 2017 Wisconsin Act 59

PI 15 May 1, 2019
CR 18-060

Changes to Lifetime Licenses as a Result of 2017 Wisconsin Act 206

PI 34 May 1, 2019
CR 18-048

Restoring Part-Time Open Enrollment Rules

PI 36 May 1, 2019
CR 18-035 Technical Changes to Grants for Tribal Revitalization as a Result of 2017 Wisconsin Act 59 PI 38 May 1, 2019
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