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Proposed Licensure Rule Revisions (PI 34)

Proposed Amendments to PI 34 - Revisions to Lifetime Licensure as a Result of 2017 Wisconsin Act 206

The proposed rule specifies successful completion of six semesters of experience, for the purpose of receiving a lifetime license. The proposed rule also defines what it means for educators to be regularly employed in education, a condition for maintaining a lifetime license.

Final PI 34 Rule - Stakeholder Revisions to Licensure (eff. 8/1/2018)

Proposed Rule Submitted to Wisconsin Legislature (3/21/2018)


Proposed Rule Submitted for Comment (12/18/2017)

Changes to the administrative rule that governs educator licensing, PI 34, are the result of significant input from a diverse set of stakeholders throughout the state as well as over 900 public comments.  The changes also implement new statutory language related to licensure as a result of the most recent biennial budget (2017 Wisconsin Act 59).  The proposed rule changes are meant to make the licensing process more understandable and increase flexibility, while maintaining high-quality staff in Wisconsin schools.  Key aspects of the proposed rule are:

  • Updates, clarifies and makes consistent the program approval process for both traditional and alternative route programs. The new rule creates a standard, streamlined approach to approving educator preparation programs, while ensuring these programs provide our educators with high quality, rigorous training. (Subchapters II-IV).
  • Simplifies the licensing process. The new rule creates a tiered approach to educator licensing, which will allow educators to obtain a license fitting their unique training and experience. (Subchapter V). Under this approach:
    • Tier I licenses are of limited duration and authorization, allowing school districts to meet short-term or specialized needs.
    • Tier II licenses are provisional licenses which allow new educators, out-of-state license holders, and other highly qualified individuals to start the progression to a life license.
    • Tier III licenses are life licenses for educators.
    • Tier IV licenses are optional master educator life licenses for educators who meet additional rigorous requirements for quality and effectiveness.
  • Consolidates subject areas. The new rule will provide districts and teachers more flexibility by preparing  educators to teach entire subject areas instead of specialized subjects (e.g., science, social studies, music – Subchapter VI)
  • Adds flexibility. The new rule allows highly-qualified license holders to add additional license areas, giving them access to new opportunities and helping school districts fill high demand assignments. (Subchapters VI and IX)
  • Creates clarity. The new rule uses standardized, simplified language and structure to make the rule clearer, more understandable, and shorter. As a result, the new rule is approximately two-thirds as long as the old rule.

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