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Statutory Requirements

This webpage provides information and resources for State of Wisconsin and Federal statutory requirements related to reading instruction in Wisconsin schools.

For recorded professional learning about reading-specific statutory requirements, please visit Reading Requirements


School District Standards

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This section provides information on Wisconsin’s administrative rules related to the requirements for school districts can be found in the Wisconsin School District Standards (PI 8) document.

Standard (c)

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This section includes resources related to the Standard (c) administrative rule. The intent of this administrative rule is to: 1. identify students with weaknesses in language and background experiences that may result in reading failure; 2. prevent and remedy reading failures by providing instruction appropriate to the developmental stage of the child; and 3. provide instruction in grades K-4 that builds upon the child's oral language, reading, and writing.

Additional Information on Standard (c)


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This section includes information about reading licensure and guidance on providing reading interventions.  General information about teacher licensing in Wisconsin is located on the DPI Teacher Education, Professional Development, and Licensing website.

Additional information is located on DPI's Reading Assignments and Licensure page, in the document Guidance for Providing Interventions , and in Wisconsin’s State Statute 118.015 District Reading Specialist Requirement.

Assessment of Reading Readiness 4K- Grade 2

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This section has information related to assessing reading readiness in four-year-old kindergarten to second grade, as required by Wisconsin State Statute 118.016.      

Wisconsin’s requirement for assessing the reading readiness of all children enrolled in four-year-old kindergarten to second grade has been in place since the 2012-13 school year. Beginning in the 2016-17 school year, districts can select an assessment of reading readiness for use with each child enrolled in four-year-old kindergarten to second grade. Consult the web page of the DPI Office of Educational Accountability – Assessment of Reading Readiness and/or Wisconsin State Statute 118.016. for further information. 

Specific Learning Disability (SLD) Eligibility 

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For information about Wisconsin's SLD eligibility criteria, including FAQs and the technical guide, please visit the DPI webpage on Programs for Students with Specific Learning Disabilities


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