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BadgerLink, Wisconsin's Online Library

BadgerLink is Wisconsin's Online Library, providing Wisconsin residents with trustworthy licensed resources. Start your search at!

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How do I access BadgerLink? to get started.

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What if I'm having problems?

Contact Us or call (888) 542-5543

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Can someone help me search?

Yes, Ask a Librarian!

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How can I connect with BadgerLink?

BadgerLink also has a YouTube Playlist with a variety of training videos!

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Who is responsible for BadgerLink?

BadgerLink a program of the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI), Division for Libraries & Technology, Library Services Team. We are responsible for:

  • Procurement of resources
  • Negotiating the contracts and terms
  • Creating and administering the BadgerLink website 
  • Establishing and maintaining the authentication structure
  • Resolving access, authentication, and service problems
  • Coordinating training and outreach

IMLS logoThis service is provided by the Department of Public Instruction, Division for Libraries and Technology using federal Library Services and Technology Act funds received from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.