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Student Intervention Monitoring System (SIMS)

The Student Intervention Monitoring System (SIMS) is a software program designed to monitor interventions and help educators provide additional support for children who are not learning. Created by the Madison Metropolitan School District with support from the Department of Public Instruction, this electronic tool contains interventions selected to individualize support for students. An emphasis has been placed on early intervening services to remove barriers to learning and to promote student success. SIMS is a systematic way to share information between teachers and to monitor student progress over time. This tool can be used to promote dialogue around student needs amongst teams of educators.

While the tool is currently populated with interventions strategies for attendance, behavior, language arts, and mathematics, the content should be customized to fit the instructional framework of an individual district. There is no single way to use SIMS. Initial use of SIMS may look different in each district depending on readiness and district needs.


  • A demonstration site for the Student Intervention Monitoring System is available. Log-in information is available on the left side of the screen.
  • Your district may also find it helpful to use this self assessment tool for Response to Intervention to decide whether SIMS may be right for you.
  • These screen shots can also be helpful for presenting SIMS to groups.

SIMS Training Materials
The document, SIMS: Necessary Steps for Implementation, summarizes hows SIMS fits into an RtI system and what a district needs in order to implement SIMS.

User Training
The following materials can be used to train new participants how to use SIMS:

SIMS Overview Demonstration: This script shows the general layout and organization of SIMS.
Facilitator Agenda User Training: This is a detailed sample agenda for a one day SIMS training.
All SIMS Activities: This document contains all of the activities needed for a SIMS training.
SIMS Detailed Demonstration Script: This is a detailed script for each of the sections of SIMS.
SIMS PowerPoint Demo 2010-11: This PowerPoint is part of the one day SIMS training.
Networking Session: May 12, 2011
Networking Session: February 15, 2012

Local System Administrator Training
This training has been divided into six modules. You can view all or some of the modules, depending on your specific needs. These training modules are audio PowerPoint presentations. When you start the slideshow, the narration will begin and the slides will advance automatically.

Module #1: SIMS Overview
Module #2: District Administration
Module #3: School Administration
Module #4: Scripted Interaction and Content Uploads
Module #5: PowerSchool
Module #6: Infinite Campus

Note: At this time, there are not specific instructions for Skyward, or any other Student Management System. When instructions for more Student Management Systems become available, this training will be updated, and all SIMS trainers and users will be notified.

If you are having trouble viewing these trainings, you may need to download a free PowerPoint Viewer, available here.

For further information about SIMS in Wisconsin:

Jonas Zuckerman
Assistant Director, Title I and School Support
Phone: 608-267-9136