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Library Media Specialist Evaluation Resources


The optional Wisconsin LMS Evaluation Rubric and Forms were developed based on requests from school districts following the implementation of the Educator Effectiveness system.  This page contains Google versions of the forms available from the Frontline Education platform and support the Wisconsin Educator Effectiveness System. You are encouraged to submit feedback regarding these tools.

Google Forms

  • LMS Self-Review (Includes Rubric components and Rating Scale)
    • To be completed by the practitioner at the beginning of the last (summary) year of the evaluation and shared with the evaluator for discussion/dialogue. Practitioners or their evaluators may want to have it completed more often.
    • To be completed collaboratively by LMS and evaluator at the beginning of the evaluation cycle.

LMS Goal Setting

Announced Observation

Scheduled observation completed at least once during the evaluation cycle. The practitioner will complete the Planning form and share it with the observer. Then the observer and practitioner should meet to discuss what will be observed. Observer collects observable evidence on the Evidence Collection Sheet and shares it with the Observer Feedback form before or during the Post-Observation meeting. Practitioner completes and shares the LMS Reflection form.


Unannounced observation completed as is appropriate to the role of the practitioner. Observer collects evidence using the Observation Evidence Collection Sheet above. Then observer completes and shares with the practitioner the Observer Feedback.

Artifact Evidence

Practitioners should collect documents aligned to all of the components of the rubric as evidence of practice throughout the evaluation cycle. Evaluators may have guidance regarding local policy on allowable student confidentiality requirements within these documents.

End-of-Cycle Summary

To be completed at the end of the 1-3 evaluation cycle. A collaborative meeting should occur between the practitioner and evaluator to review the final documentation and to discuss level growth (scores) and possible areas of focus for improvement in the next evaluation cycle.

  • End-of-Cycle LMS Reflection
    • Completed by the practitioner and shared with the evaluator prior to the End-of-Cycle Conference.
  • LMS Evaluation End-of-Cycle Summary
    • Completed by the evaluator after reviewing all forms, observation evidence, practitioner artifact evidence aligned to rubric components, as well as practitioner self-scores and reflections. Evaluator documents summary practice component scores and a holistic SPO score on this form.


For questions about this information, contact Monica Treptow (608) 575-6065