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Seed Starting Workshop


Workshop Details

The first workshop in the Lifecycle of Farm to School training series, Seed Starting was held on Thursday, January 27, 2022. The workshop provided information about how to start seeds indoors in the winter to plant in the school garden in the spring. The workshop included instruction for starting seeds indoors with video demonstration, a self-guided exploration of different fruits and vegetables to grow in the school garden, and networking time to make connections to individuals and resources.

Workshop Objectives Include:

  • Communicate the benefits of starting seeds for a school garden​.
  • Recognize the key determinants for seed starting indoors versus direct-sowing outdoors.
  • Understand the process of seed starting to be able to successfully start seeds for a school garden.
  • Identify a team to help with seed starting and tending to the seedlings throughout the germination process.
  • Engage in the planning process; understand seed starting as a step in an annual cycle of school garden.

Benefits to Seed Starting:

Food Service Benefits

  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Increases access to local foods
  • Expands variety of food offerings for menu planning
  • Introduces students and school staff to food service operations

General Benefits

  • Can be incorporated into science and math lessons
  • Enjoyed by all ages
  • Promotes life-long healthy eating habits
  • Provides hands-on learning opportunities for students