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SMP Past Application Materials

School Year 2017-18 (Do not distribute before July 1, 2017)

School Year 2016-17

All School Food Authorities (SFAs) are required to distribute a Public Release before the start of the school year. SFAs should send the public release to media and grassroots organizations.  In addition, SFAs should send the release to major employers contemplating or experiencing large layoffs and local unemployment offices, as applicable. SFAs are not required to pay to have it published but must maintain documentation of whom the release was sent to along with the specific materials distributed.
Free Milk Application materials must be distributed to all households and used to qualify students for free milk benefits.  SFAs may also choose to use Direct Certification to find students that qualify for free milk. 
If the SFA exercises the option to provide the opportunity to waive or subsidize other district/school fees (e.g., registration, athletic fees, technology fees, etc.) based on a student’s free milk benefit status, the SFA must provide the Sharing Information with Other Programs form to all recipients as determined through an application as well as Direct Certification. SFAs must allow households to limit consent to only those programs they wish to share information. SFAs are not allowed to have a blanket fee waiver. Additional benefits outside of the milk benefit cannot be provided until a signed form is returned to the SFA allowing the information to be shared. For anyone receiving benefit information to approve students for non-milk benefits, a Disclosure Agreement form should be signed and on file at the SF
Income Eligibility Guidelines are used by the SFA when processing Free Milk Applications

School Year 2015-16