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SMP Pricing (no free milk)

Pricing Plan (with no Free Milk)

The SFA should keep track of milk program participation consumption by individual student name if the SFA is charging by ½ pints (8 fl oz) and using the point of service (POS) counts for billing purposes. SFAs that choose to collect an annual, semester or quarterly milk fee may choose to record the total amount of milk served to students on a calendar or daily count sheet at the POS rather than by individual student name. All students are claimed as ‘paid’ on the monthly claim for reimbursement. Tracking consumption of milk flavor (i.e., white versus chocolate) by individual student is not a requirement unless this information is used to ensure a student takes the milk type specified by a parent, or is used to forecast the milk vendor purchase order. SMP POS Templates are posted on the main SMP webpage.

Milk Pricing for Students

Reimbursement should be maximized to reduce the cost of milk for students. It is recommended to charge a student the difference between the anticipated per half-pint milk cost and the reimbursement rate. Consider adding on 2 cents to cover any milk price adjustments and administrative costs associated with the SMP program. Documentation needs to be maintained to justify milk price adjustments and administrative costs greater than 2 cents.

Example: ½ pint cost $__.__ + 2¢ – reimbursement $__.__ = $__._½ pint price X 180 days = $__.__ annual charge