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Signage Resources

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction has developed a series of reimbursable meal posters. Learn more about the posters here.


Meal Posters with Components

These meal posters highlight the meal pattern components that are required, and that students have access to with the purchase of a reimbursable meal. These can easily be posted next to your monthly menus.

With Offer vs. Serve Without Offer vs. Serve


Meal Posters with Specific Menu Items

Posters have been developed for schools utilizing Offer vs. Serve and for those not using Offer vs. Serve. The posters may be printed in a variety of sizes depending on your needs and printing capabilities. It is recommended that after printing, the posters are laminated or covered with a dry-erase film. This will allow you to update your menus daily with dry-erase markers. 

With Offer vs. Serve Without Offer vs. Serve



Electronic Customizable Menu Item Signage

For schools interested in printing a new menu daily, electronic customizable files are available. To use, select the appropriate tab that corresponds with the number of menu options offered. Electronically enter you menu options into the corresponding meal pattern group and print. The completed menu will print on standard 8.5" x 11 paper for you to display.

With Offer vs. Serve Without Offer vs. Serve



The menu components on the samples above are colored to correspond with the food groups seen on MyPlate. It is encouraged that schools display the MyPlate logo throughout the kitchen and cafeteria to reinforce the importance of building a healthy meal. MyPlate posters are available free of charge. Order here!