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Procurement Review

Preparing for your Procurement Review

Procurement Review

The procurement of goods and services is a significant responsibility of an SFA (School Food Authority). Federal, state and local laws and regulations specify the methods SFAs must follow to competitively procure goods and services and award contracts only to responsive and responsible contractors. Additionally, SFAs must not restrict competition and follow all procurement standards in Program regulations in 7 CFR 210.21 and the government-wide requirements in 2 CFR 200.318-.326. Additionally, SFAs must prohibit conflicts of interest, use required procurement methods, take affirmative steps to use small, minority, women's business and labor surplus enterprises, when possible, and oversee contractors to ensure all contract provisions are fulfilled for the duration of the contract. State agencies are required to ensure that SFAs comply with the applicable regulations through audits, administrative reviews, technical assistance, training, guidance materials, and by other means. [7 CFR 210.19(a) (3)] 

Procurement Review (PR) Year:
This is the year in which the SFA will receive a PR. Items requested during the PR will be from the school year prior to your PR Year. Please note, the PR and the Administrative Review will take place separately, following a separate review cycle.

Procurement Review Checklists: 

Below you'll find Procurement Review Checklists that are used to evaluate each procurement conducted by the SFA.  When requesting procurement information and corresponding documentation, your Procurement Reviewer will be answering the questions covered within each checklist below to review compliance with applicable procurement regulations.  Each Procurement Review Checklist corresponds with a different procurement method.  Before conducting a procurement, use these checklist to verify that all required steps are taken, and the proper documentation is kept.  If you have any questions or concerns about the questions being asked within each checklist, please contact a Procurement Reviewer.

SNT Procurement Reviewers:

Randy Jones
Assistant Director Child Nutrition Programs


Jessica Oele
Procurement and Contract Specialist


Lera Karns
Procurement and Contract Specialist