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Example of Solicitation and Contract Language

Buy American: Schools participating in the federal school meal programs are required to purchase domestic commodities and products for school meals to the maximum extent practicable. Domestic commodity or product means an agricultural commodity that is produced in the US and a food product that is processed in the US substantially (at least 51 percent) using agricultural commodities that are produced in the US.

  • Federal regulations require that all foods purchased for Child Nutrition Program be of domestic origin to the maximum extent practicable. While rare, two (2) exceptions may exist when:
  1. the product is not produced or manufactured in the US in sufficient, reasonable and available quantities of a satisfactory quality, such as bananas and pineapple; and
  2. competitive proposals reveal the cost of a domestic product is significantly higher than a non-domestic product.
  • ALL products that are normally purchased by Distributor as non-domestic and proposed as part of this solicitation must be identified with the country of origin. Distributor shall outline their procedures to notify School when products are purchased as non-domestic.
  1. Any substitution of a non-domestic product for a domestic product (which was originally a part of the solicitation), must be approved, in writing, by the Food Service Director, prior to the delivery of the product to the School.
  2. Any non-domestic product delivered to the School, without the prior, written approval of the Food Service Director, will be rejected.

Distributor must affirm their willingness to assert their best and reasonable efforts to ensure compliance with this federal rule.