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Procurement Manual

Procurement Manual

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The State of WI has a wide variety of School Food Authorities (SFAs); big to small, large budgets to small budgets. The WI School Nutrition Team (SNT) Procurement Manual is a tool that everyone can utilize in their own way. This manual is designed as a learning tool intended to provide ideas, format samples, and terms/definitions directly related to procurement within school food service operations.

Throughout the manual you’ll find specific information on all local, state and federal regulations that could be applicable to your SFA. The SNT Procurement Manual also highlights basic procurement best practices that can help SFAs further develop existing keys to success.

SNT Procurement Manual

Navigating through the SNT Procurement Manual

Once the document is open, you have the ability to navigate through the manual using the headings listed in the Table of Contents. To do this, simply hold the Ctrl key and the F key on your keyboard at the same time, to open the navigation window. Then click Headings. With this feature, you can navigate through the document using each subject heading. Users can also navigate through the document using the scroll bar on the right hand side of the document.

Procurement Policy and Procedures Checklist

Within the section titled Procurement Policy and Procedures Checklist of the manual, you’ll find a list of policy and procedural components directly related to procurement. Each SFA is required to have written policies and procedures for ALL components included on this checklist. You’ll notice next to each question, there’s a bolded regulation cited. All bolded regulations are detailed, broken-down, and explained within the corresponding section in the manual.