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Public Notice



A public notice can be used with any procurement, but it is required for formal procurements (IFB and RFP). It is an important step in the solicitation process. The SFA will formally advertise the solicitation in the local, regional, state or national newspaper and/or post the notice to the SFA's procurement webpage, where other procurements are normally shared. The goal of any procurement is to receive at least three responsive offers from responsible offerers. If necessary, the school may need to increase its public notice viewing area to state or national newspapers to receive adequate responses. The SFA must make every effort to ensure maximum competition is achieved.  

Example Notice of Invitation for Bid (IFB) 

Example Notice of Request for Proposal

Notice of Intent to Award

Example of a Notice of Intent to Award

Notice of Award

Example of a Notice of Award

Notice of Non-Award

Example of a Notice of Non-Award