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Instructions for Completing Template Agreements

Navigating the Agreement

  • Mouse – You can use your mouse to scroll up and down and click any field in the agreement.
  • Tab Key – Pressing the tab key moves you from current selected field to the next field.
Important:  Both the template joint agreement and the template vended meals agreement are designed to be completed as an electronic document using Microsoft Word. School using other types of word-processing software may have issues with some fields that have been programmed to be selectable and other field programmed to pre-fill other fields throughout the document once selected.
If your school does not have Microsoft Word you can download a Microsoft Viewer

How to Complete the Template Joint Agreement, Template Vended Meals Agreement, and Amendment to Renew the Vended Meals Agreement:

  1. Download the template and save it to your computer
  2. Using your mouse, click the area at the top of the document for entering purchasing school’s 6 digit agency code
  3. Using your mouse, click on the next available section and enter or select relevant information.
  4. Remember to save your document frequently