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Milk and Dairy Procurement

Procurement of Milk and Dairy Products

The following are examples of solicitation document for milk bids:

Example of Comprehensive (IFB) Solicitation Document for Milk Bids
Example of Simple (3 bids and buy) Solicitation Document For Milk Bids
Example of Milk Distributor Evaluation Matrix of Pricing

Every School Food Authority (SFA) must develop and have written policies and procedures that:

  • promote free and open competition;
  • document the SFA’s rationale of the evaluation and selection process;
  • document the SFA’s selection procedures for each procurement method; and
  • document the SFA’s process of awarding the contract was both responsive and responsible.


Noncompetitive Procurement

When Only One Source of the Product or Service Exists ("Sole Source Procurement")

Although rare, it is certainly possible that only one source of a particular product or service exists, or that a manufacturer makes the exclusive product available through only one distributor or supplier.

These are genuine "sole source" situations that would warrant the use of noncompetitive procurement.

When a sole source situation exists, the procurement must involve noncompetitive procurement; that is, the purchaser must negotiate for the best price and terms with the sole supplier of the product or service, as opposed to simply purchasing the product or service at the price and terms initially offered by the supplier. This should help ensure that the SFA receives the best possible price and terms.


Example of Milk Public Notices


__________________ (name of school district)



The __________________ (name of school district) is requesting sealed bids for milk products for our __________________ (name of school district) for the ______‐______ school year. Sealed bids are due to the ____________________________ (address) no later than __:____ PM, _________ (day of the week), ________________ (date). No late bids will be accepted. No changes will be allowed after the bid opening date and time specified. The outside envelope of these bids must be marked “Milk Bids.” The __________________ (name of school district) reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids in whole or in part and to waive informalities therein. The __________________ (name of school district) reserves the right to award the bid as it deems in its best interest. Questions may be referred to _________________ (contact person and title), ______________ (phone number) or _________________________ (email address).



Example of Milk Public Notices





The Board of Education of the __________________ (name of school district) is accepting bids for the ______‐______ school year for the following dairy products:

½ Pint Skim Milk - White

½ Pint 1% Milk - White

½ Pint Fat Free Chocolate Skim Milk and Other Flavors

4 – 1 Gallon 1% Milk - White

Bids should be sent to: __________________ (name of school district), Attention: MILK BID, ____________________________ (address). Bids will be opened at __:____ PM, _________ (day of the week), ________________ (date) at the __________________ (name of school district). The __________________ (name of school district) reserves the right to reject any and all bids.