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Procurement of a Prime Vendor

The following is an example of a request for proposal (RFP) document for procuring the services of a prime vendor:

This RFP can be used with the Informal or Formal Procurement Methods

Example of RFP can be used with either the:
  • Informal Procurement Method – Can be used when awarding a contract with an estimated value that is less than the *Small Purchase Threshold.
  • Formal Procurement Method – Must be used when awarding a contract with an estimated value that is equal to or greater than the *Small Purchase Threshold.

When using the formal procurement method:

  • Sealed proposal requirement: Instructions must clearly state that all proposals must stay closed (unopened) until a specified date in the future, at which time proposals will be opened.
  • Proposals must be written.
  • Public notice required: Solicitation will need to be formally advertised in a newspaper.
  • Public opening required: Optional; proposals may be publically opened; proposer name and proposed amount can be read aloud.
*Small Purchase Threshold: The Department of Public Instruction (DPI) and U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) Small Purchase Threshold is $250,000. If the School Food Authority’s (SFA’s) Small Purchase Threshold is less than DPI’s or USDA FNS’s Small Purchase Threshold, the SFA must use its Small Purchase Threshold.
Every SFA must develop and have written policies and procedures that:
  • promote free and open competition;
  • document the SFA’s rationale of the evaluation and selection process;
  • document the SFA’s selection procedures for each procurement method; and
  • document the SFA’s process of awarding the contract was both responsive and responsible.
Legal Disclaimer: DPI does not review or judge the fairness, advisability, efficiency, or fiscal implications of the contract or any amendments.  DPI is not a party to any contractual relationship between the SFA and a distributor, vendor, or any other contracted organization.  DPI is not obligated, liable or responsible for any action or inaction taken by the SFA and a distributor, vendor, or any other contracted organization.  You should have the SFA’s lawyer or applicable legal counsel review the solicitation document, awarded contract, and amendment or addendums before signing.
Furthermore, DPI does not endorse nor does it guarantee the use of information and/or language contained in this template. This template is meant to be utilized as a starting point to help SFAs develop an understanding of what goes into a solicitation document for procurement of a vendor or distributor to provide bread. This template is intended to be used for educational purposes only and is not intended to be a final product for soliciting pricing for bread products from vendors or distributors. SFAs will still need to develop their own solicitation that is representative of their own unique purchasing requirements. Information in this template has been gathered from multiple sources and is not the sole product of DPI. This information may be used to assist SFAs in the development of procurement documents and solicitations.
SFAs should use this document as an instructive tool to develop internal procurement processes and procedures to help design and solicit bids for evaluation and awarding of a contract. This document is not meant to supplement a SFA’s legal and/or procurement department’s policies and procedures. SFAs should read each section carefully and thoroughly. SFAs should always seek and obtain professional guidance and consultation from a lawyer or applicable legal counsel before sending out a solicitation, or entering into any type of contract.