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School Nutrition Bulletin 1718-10

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Announcements from the WI DPI School Nutrition Team (SNT)

DCM-F/RP Frequently Asked Questions
Site-based Claiming Tips and Reminders
WI Legislative Update: Senate Bill-159/Assembly Bill-215
2017 National School Lunch Program (NSLP) Equipment Grant
DPI Job Opening: Nutrition Program Consultant
WI School Wellness Summit-Registration is Now Open

DCM-F/RP Frequently Asked Questions

In December 2017, we went live matching qualified Medicaid recipient students through direct certification for free and reduced price meals. This is very exciting for Wisconsin as we are able to match many more students for meals without an application.
New processes come with questions, and we would like to share with you some frequently asked questions and their answers.
Q1. I ran direct certification, and now we have almost twice as many students qualified than when I ran it last time. Why is there an increase?
A1. Wisconsin (WI) has been chosen to participate in a demonstration of direct certification with Medicaid for students that are not already directly certified, and so children that participate in Medicaid and whose families’ income are under 130% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) are eligible for free lunches. Those with family income under 185% of FPL are eligible for reduced price lunches. Both of these groups of children are being directly certified for the first time. You may see a notable increase in the number of students directly certified, as in WI, this is affecting nearly an additional 100,000 students.
Q2. I am sending direct certification letters out to families notifying them that they are now qualified for free (or reduced price meals) based on Medicaid. I am getting families calling me as they don’t understand why they are qualified or they state they haven’t been on the program for a while. What should I say to the family?
A2. BadgerCare Plus is the program on which students are being certified when we are talking about Direct Certification with Medicaid. BadgerCare Plus is a healthcare coverage program for low-income Wisconsin residents. If a student is eligible for BadgerCare Plus and has low enough family income, he/she will be enrolled for 12 months unless there are changes that impact eligibility. BadgerCare Plus is based on income and eligibility is determined by Income Maintenance agencies and computer systems under the supervision of the Department of Health Services.
Q3. I had a family call and state that their child has never been on Medicaid but just matched with Medicaid for free or reduced price meals. What should I tell the family?
A3. From time to time, students in WI have the same first and last name and date of birth as another student in WI. These are called false positives. If a family believes their child matched erroneously, please let them know they may turn down benefits.

Site-based Claiming Tips and Reminders

Here are the most common issues we get questions about and how to solve them.
1. Do not use Firefox browser to submit your claim - the Template File will not open and you will see a spinning wheel. We recommend Internet Explorer. If you still cannot open the Template File, you should check with your IT department to see if downloading capabilities are blocked on your computer. Ask IT to enable downloading capabilities and turn off pop-up blockers.
2. The date claim defaults to January, so the month being claimed needs to be selected from the drop-down box before clicking on Template File. The claim date will populate into the Template excel file. Do not change dates on the excel file. A new template must be downloaded each month. Do not use previous month’s template.

site based claiming tips

 3. ADA (Average Daily Attendance) is a whole number, not a percent.  ADA = Enrollment multiplied by the percent of students attending school during the claiming month. If the ADA ends in a decimal, round up to next whole number.

site based claiming tips

4. For CEP (Community Eligibility Provision) schools, enter “Total CEP Meals” served in the last column. The number of Free Student Meals served is zero for CEP schools. In the example below, School Codes 20 and 210 are CEP schools.

site based claiming tips

5. Delete the entire headings row on your excel template file. Do not just delete what is in the cells.

site based claiming tips

Please continue to contact us with any questions or concerns you have related to site-based claiming.

WI Legislative Update: Senate Bill-159/Assembly Bill-215

The Nutrition Education Act is a bill that was introduced into the Senate and the Assembly in April 2017. Since then, the bill has been amended and as such, has passed out of the Senate Committee on Education with 7 “ayes” and 0 “noes” in December 2017, and the Assembly Committee on Education with 13 “ayes” and 0 “noes” in January 2018. This bill is currently available to “scheduling”. The analysis by the Legislative Reference Bureau is as follows:
“This bill requires a school board to modify its instruction about nutrition to include knowledge of the nutritive value of foods and the role of a nutritious diet in promoting health. Current law requires school boards to provide instruction about the vitamin content of food and food and health values of dairy products.
The bill also modifies the conditions prerequisite to a school board awarding a high school diploma by requiring that a nutrition education component be incorporated into the health education credit requirement. Under current law, a school board may not award a high school diploma to a pupil unless the pupil has completed, among other prerequisites, at least 0.5 credit of health education.”

2017 National School Lunch Program (NSLP) Equipment Grant

The 2017 NSLP Equipment Grant Application is now available on the SNT Grant Opportunities webpage. The attached announcement letter contains more detailed information regarding the application process. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Lauren Troxtel at or 608-266-5514.

DPI Job Opening: Nutrition Program Consultant

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction SNT is in the process of recruiting a Nutrition Program Consultant to join our team. Information about the position and the application process are posted on Wisc.Jobs. The deadline to apply is January 30, 2018. Please feel free to share with anyone who may be interested.

Wisconsin School Wellness Summit – Registration is Now Open

Join Wisconsin Team Nutrition at the Find Your Fit Wisconsin School Wellness Summit on March 8, 2018 at the Alliant Energy Center (1919 Alliant Energy Center Way, Madison, WI 53713). This one day summit will show how improved wellness is linked to student achievement while providing participants with information on working together to improve the school wellness environment. The summit will offer sessions of interest to a wide range of audiences and include breakout sessions within three tracks: policy, physical activity, and nutrition. Featured sessions include:
  • Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child Approach to Wellness - Why You Matter in School Wellness
  • Making Connections Work for Your School Nutrition Program
  • Communicating Why Wisconsin School Meals Rock
  • Finding Funding for School Wellness
  • Going Beyond the Basics to Strengthen Your Wellness Policy
  • Incorporating Nutrition into Physical Education
  • Maximizing Movement: Getting Kids Active at Recess
Visit the Wisconsin Team Nutrition website for additional information or register today!


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