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Additional Resources

Please note: These resources DO NOT automatically count toward the GOALS Certificate of Excellence.  If you have completed one of the following trainings and feel it could count toward your certificate, please seek approval from DPI. 


Cycle Menus:


Local Foods/Farm to School:

USDA Farm to School videos:

USDA Foods:

USDA Foods Basics (USDA)

USDA Foods: The Basics (ICN courses)*

*Relevant ICN “USDA Foods” courses:

USDA Foods: Processing 101 (3 hours)

USDA Primer 1 (3 hours)

USDA Primer 2 (3 hours)

USDA Foods: Life Cycle of USDA Foods (3 hours)

USDA Foods Disaster Preparedness (2 hours) (recommended by USDA)

DoD Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program: The Basics (1 hour) (recommended by USDA)


School Garden:



Offer vs. Serve:


Food Presentation, Serving Lines and Food Quality:

Knife Skills (National Food Service Management Institute)


Introduction to Procurement:

3 bids and a buy (DPI PowerPoint)

Receiving and Recall:


WI Food Code:



Ergonomics (United States Department of Labor)


Healthy School Environment:



Professional Standards Training and Tracking:


Retention, Promotion and Recognition:


Employee Health, Safety and Wellness:

The Whole Worker (Dept. of Industrial Relations - CHSWC)


Other Programs:

DPI Information:
Breakfast Meal Planning webcast (DPI)

Communications and Marketing

There are no additional resources at this time for "Communications and Marketing".