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Training Resources: Nutrition

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Nutrition (1000) 

Menu Planning 


Nutrition Education 


General Nutrition 

  • Some training topics have additional resources available for reference.
  • For training registration (SNSDC, ServSafe etc.), please check our upcoming trainings for more details.
  • For training topics below with limited options available, if you feel you have completed a training that may supplement one of these topics, please include it in your GOALS application for consideration.

Menu Planning 

Meal Pattern 

The Whole Enchilada (DPI SNSDC) (8 hours)*
*This SNSDC (School Nutrition Skills Development Course) is the only acceptable training.

Cycle Menu 

On, Wisconsin! Cycle Menus (DPI YouTube video) (20 minutes)
Cycle Menu Planning & USDA Foods Utilization (Nevada Department of Agriculture YouTube video) (25 minutes)

Farm to School 

Farm to School 101 (DPI YouTube video) (35 minutes) -- take the quiz here.
Planning for Farm to School Success (USDA FNS YouTube videos) (time range: 30 minutes-1 hour)*
*Choose any combination of the USDA FNS videos that add up to the minimum hour requirement for Local Foods/Farm to School training. All videos are acceptable EXCEPT: “School Gardening” and “Trying it All Together and Digging In” (see School Garden training topic for these resources).

Standardized Recipes 

Adding it Up (DPI SNSDC) (2 hours)

Menu Analysis 

Training opportunities coming soon!

Special Diets and Food Allergies: Comprehensive Training

Special Dietary Needs (DPI webcast) (25 minutes)
Special Dietary Needs (DPI SNSDC) (2 hours)

USDA Foods 

USDA YouTube Videos:
   - USDA Foods and American Agriculture (1 hour 35 min)
ICN USDA Foods webcasts (1 - 20 hour trainings available)
Direct Diversion (DPI webcasts)*
*Direct Diversion webcasts (1 hour, 7 minutes total):
#1 Benefits and Steps (10 min)
#2 Processors and Products (10 min)
#3 Value Pass-Through Methods (12 min)
#4 Substitution (7 min)
#5 Yield-Methods (7 min)
#6 Annual Orders (8 min)
#7 Agreements (5 min)
#8 Inventory (8 min)

Nutrition Education 

Nutrition Activities 

Chop! Chop! Culinary Training Video Tutorials (1.5 hours)

Engaging the Classroom 

Participate in any of these webinars that apply to the Engaging the Classroom training topic and record it on your GOALS Training Tracker.


School Gardens

USDA FNS YouTube Videos:
   - Growing Your School Garden Program (1 hour 4 min)
   - School Gardening (30 minutes) → take the quiz here.
   - Trying it All Together and Digging in (45 minutes) → PowerPoint available

General Nutrition 

Nutrition 101 

Nutrition 101 (DPI SNSDC) (8 hours)
Nutrition 101 4th edition (ICN course) (8 hours)