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Training Resources: Operations


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Operations (2000)


   Serving Foods 


   Cashier and Point of Service 


   Purchasing and Procurement


   Food Safety and HACCP


Serving Food 

Food Production Records 

Food Production Records (ICN course) (1.5 hours)*
Production Records (DPI webcast) (15 minutes)  
Food Production Records Basics (MN Department of Education webcast) (30 minutes)
Production Records and Crediting in School Meals (School Nutrition Toolbox webinar) (1 hour)
* ICN is launching a new eLearning portal, therefore this course is currently unavailable.

Child Nutrition Label Crediting 

Production Formulation Statements (DPI YouTube video) (20 minutes)
Labels, Labels, Labels (MN Department of Education webcast) (15 minutes)

Culinary Skills 

Training resource opportunities coming soon!

Portion Sizes 

What’s the Scoop On Portion Control? (DPI webcast) (15 minutes)
Portion Control (ICN course) (4 hours)

Offer vs. Serve 

Offer versus Serve (DPI SNSDC) (2 hours)
DPI Webcasts:
CNS Webinars:
   - OVS: Breakfast (1 hour)
   - OVS: Lunch (40 minutes)
   - Offer vs. Serve (50 minutes)

Food Presentation, Serving Lines and Food Quality

Training resource opportunities coming soon!

Use and Care of Equipment 


A Successful Model on Reducing Kitchen Injuries (SNA PowerPoint) (1 hour) - quiz completion is required
Ergonomics (DPI webcast) (20 minutes)

Cashier and Point of Service 

Point of Service, Identifying Reimbursable Meals and Protecting Student Identity 

Identifying Reimbursable Meals (ICN training) (2 hours)*
DPI webcasts:
* ICN is launching a new eLearning portal, therefore this course is currently unavailable.

Counting and Claiming


Purchasing and Procurement 

Introduction to Procurement 

DPI webcasts:
   - Introduction to Procurement (15 minutes)
   - Micro Purchase Method (10 minutes)
   - Small Purchase Method (10 minutes)
Buy American Act (SNA Webinar) (1 hour)

Comprehensive Procurement Training 

Procurement Review and Manual (DPI SNSDC) (4 hours)*
*This SNSDC (School Nutrition Skills Development Course) is the only acceptable training.

USDA Foods Ordering

WI Commodity Ordering (DPI webcasts)*
USDA Foods Order Management and Monitoring Part 1 (45 minutes) & Part 2 (45 minutes)
*WI Commodity Ordering webcasts (total time: 46 minutes)
System CARS Report Access (7 minutes)
System SFA Summary and Delivery Locations Form (6 minutes)
System Orders Tab Instructions (9 minutes)
System Allocation Tab Instructions (10 minutes)
System Surplus Request Instructions (14 minutes)

Inventory Management 


Food Safety and HACCP 

ServSafe Certification or food safety equivalent 

ServSafe Course (DPI SNSDC) (8 hours)*
Food Safety in Schools (ICN course) (8 hours)
*Available in Spanish.
Any course that provides a quality food safety manager certificate is creditable toward GOALS, so long as the exam is passed.
Visit our training page for additional ServSafe trainings.

Food Safety Culture 

Food Waste & Safety (DPI SNSDC) (2 hours)

Food Allergy Management in Schools (SNA webinar) (1 hour)

Norovirus for Schools (ICN course) (2 hours)

School Employee Health and Personal Hygiene (ICN) (30 minutes) - quiz completion is required:

Receiving and Recall 

USDA Foods: Primer 2 (ICN course) (3 hours)

Wisconsin Food Code

WI Food Code (DATCP) (1 hour) - quiz completion is required