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Nutrient Analysis Software Files

School Year 2017-18

For those schools using Lunchbyte's Nutrikids software for nutrient analysis, the link below is a data file containing the WI processed products entered into Nutrikids as ingredients. To import the data, click on the 'Data File' link. Select 'Open'. Drag and drop the 'WI_1718.dat' file to your desktop. Next, open Nutrikids software. Click 'Tools' in the toolbar, then select 'Data Transfer Utility' and next 'Import Nutrikids Data'. Click 'Browse' and find the WI_1718.dat file from your desktop. Select 'Open', 'Select All' then 'Import'. If you have any questions contact Claire Koenig at 608-266-3079. 

  • Data File – All Core WI State-Processed USDA Foods
    • C308 Turkey Meatballs (JTM Food Group)
    • C310 Turkey Mini Corn Dogs (JTM Food Group)
    • C412 Beef Crumbles (JTM Food Group)
    • C414 Beef Patties (JTM Food Group)
    • C520 Chicken Fajita Strips (Gold Kist/Pilgrim’s Pride)
    • C522 Chicken Nuggets, Whole Grain (Tyson Prepared Foods)
    • C550 Chicken, Teriyaki (Schwan’s Food Service)
    • C560 Chicken Patties, Whole Grain (Tyson Prepared Foods)
    • C570 Chicken Pieces, Orange Sauce (Schwan’s Food Service)
    • C600 Pork Taco Filling (JTM Food Group)
    • C610 Pork BBQ, #CP5416 (JTM Food Group)
    • C615 Pork BBQ, #CP5406 (JTM Food Group)
    • C710 Mozzarella Pizza Sticks (ConAgra Foods)
    • C712 Cheese Slices (Bongards Creameries)
    • C715 Macaroni and Cheese (ES Foods)