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Wisconsin USDA Foods Task Force

The Task Force was first formed in September, 1997 for agencies receiving USDA Foods through the National School Lunch Program (NSLP). The Task Force is comprised mostly of food service directors from small, medium, and large-size schools, with both public and private schools represented. The Task Force meetings are conducted via telephone, conference calls, web conferencing and emails. In-person meetings are held on an as-needed basis.

Mission: To ensure that School Food Authorities (SFAs) have access to affordable, nutritious food through the USDA Foods program.


  1. Provide high quality, nutritious food items that reflect student food preferences.
  2. Process USDA Foods on a statewide basis to obtain competitive pricing.
  3. Spend the state USDA Foods entitlement funds in a cost-effective manner.
  4. Improve the communication between schools, DPI and USDA.
  5. Assist with continuing education for SFAs.

What we do: The Task Force provides recommendations for improvement in the USDA Foods Distribution Program. The intent of the Task Force is to provide schools with the highest quality of USDA Foods to serve to their customers, the students.

Nutrition Standards: The Task Force understands and recognizes the importance of providing nutritionally balanced and tasteful food items in school nutrition programs. Therefore, the Task Force has established nutrition standards for individual products made available through the Wisconsin USDA Foods Program.  These nutrition standards are followed for all state-processed products and USDA "brown-box" Foods made available to Wisconsin SFAs.



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