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Resources for School Wellness

Featured Resources

  • The School Nutrition Environment and Wellness Resources Web site was developed by Team Nutrition to help local educational agencies locate information and resources on local school wellness policy process/steps, required policy elements, healthy school nutrition environment improvements, research reports, and grant opportunities.
  • USDA Team Nutrition’s Local Wellness Policy Outreach Toolkit has ready-to-go communication tools to engage school staff and parents in school wellness. 
  • The School Day Just Got Healthier is a collection of resources including brochures, fact sheets, FAQs, fliers, school lessons, and templates to help change the school environment.

Resources for the Development, Implementation, Monitoring, and Evaluation of School Wellness Policies

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  • Institute of Child Nutrition - Resource to Sustain and Strengthen Local Wellness Initiatives is a guide to help school districts conduct an evaluation of their local wellness policy. It provides step-by-step instructions for conducting an evaluation, deciding what the results mean, and communicating the findings to stakeholders. 
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  • Alliance for a Healthier Generation – Healthy Schools Program Framework of Criteria identifies specific best practices to create healthier school environments. Schools can use their six step process to assess, evaluate, and take action on local wellness policies.
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  • Action for Healthy Kids fights childhood obesity, undernourishment and physical inactivity by helping schools become healthier places so kids can live healthier lives by engaging diverse organizations, leaders and volunteers.
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  • WellSat Tool – By completing the Wellness School Assessment Tool (WellSat), users will be able to assess the quality of their school district’s wellness policy, and will be provided with personalized guidance and resources for making improvements, based on the assessment.

Additional Wellness Resources