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Service-Learning Resources and Networking

Service-Learning Community

The DPI has an e-mail discussion list for Wisconsin educators and others interested in service-learning to provide resources and support.

National K-12 Service-Learning listserv

  • Send an e-mail message to following these instructions
    1. Leave the subject line blank.
    2. Remove any appended signatures.


Service-Learning and Related Resources

  • The Wisconsin Campus Compact is a statewide organization committed to encouraging civic responsibility among the students and faculty at Wisconsin's public and private colleges and universities and fostering relationships for civic engagement between member institutions of higher education and the communities they serve.
  • National Dropout Prevention Center
  • The National Center for Learning and Citizenship is an organization of chief state school officers and district superintendents committed to linking school-based service and service-learning to K-12 curriculum.
  • Service-learning resources from AmeriCorps.
  • The National Youth Leadership Council is a national organization devoted to engaging young people in service to their communities.
  • America's Promise is a collaborative network that facilitates volunteer action for children and youth. Founded after the Presidents' Summit for America's Future in 1997.

  • Volunteer Now brings thousands of volunteers and community organizations together online. Youth Service America(YSA)improves communities by increasing the number and the diversity of young people, ages 5-25, serving in substantive roles.

Service-Learning Programs in Other States


National Coalition for Academic Service-Learning

Arizona Department of Education

Colorado Department of Education

Illinois State Board of Education

Maryland State Department of Education

Youth Activism

Citizenship and Character Education






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