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Service-Learning Curriculum Ideas

Some Examples

Examples of service-learning curriculum can be easily accessed through the Internet. Some examples follow. 

Cesar E. Chavez Foundation Resource guides are available through the website promoting topics such as peer mediation, homelessness, and economic justice. The Chavez service-learning resource guides are aimed at engaging K-12 youth in high-quality service-learning programs based on Cesar's ten core values by providing a step-by-step project module while allowing for individual creativity.

A description of goals and characteristics of effective school-based service-learning programs developed by Florida Learn and Serve America.

GreenWorks is a Project Learning Tree environmental community action program. It encourages students to participate in community based partnerships by developing and implementing environmental action projects, such as graffiti paint overs, tree plantings, stream clean-ups, and recycling projects. Find out more about this program by visiting the National PLT website at:

The Massachusetts Department of Education has developed Community Lessons: Integrating Service-Learning into K-12 Curriculum, and it is available for download at their website. This Guide grew out of a mutual desire among teachers and administrators to share successful CSL instructional practices. These educators see a need to validate instructional time allotted for service-learning initiatives and to enhance the public's understanding of service-learning as a powerful instructional tool. It presents specific units that can be easily replicated and adapted to varying grade levels and specific curricular goals.

Roots & Shoots® engages and inspires youth through community service and service learning. Founded by Dr. Jane Goodall, this global program emphasizes the principle that knowledge leads to compassion, which inspires action. All Roots & Shoots groups show care and concern in three areas: the human community, animals,  

Service Learning Education Beyond the Classroom: for students grades K through 12. The Corporation for National and Community Service and the Environmental Protection Agency have collaborated this publication. The guide may be downloaded or ordered here.

This booklet contains several service-learning projects that focus on various aspects of safe solid waste management, such as reducing household hazardous waste and buying recycled-content products. Each profile includes contacts who can provide information on how to start a similar program in your area. Additional resources, including grants that can help you start a project, are located in the back of this booklet.

Special Olympics Get Into It, a K-12 service-learning curriculum developed by Special Olympics,
is available at no cost to schools and teachers. For more information, visit their website,

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