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ESSER II & III Hours of Instruction Collection

The Monday, July 26 webinar on the ESSER II & III Hours of Instruction data collection has concluded. The slide deck and recording are posted below under Resources.

DPI is collecting in-person and virtual/remote hours of instruction in the 2020-21 school year for the purpose of allocating $65.5 million of additional ESSER II funds and $114.6 million of additional ESSER III funds among 186 local education agencies (LEAs), as directed by the Joint Finance Committee through Motion #16 and Motion #57.

A listing of which LEAs are eligible to submit data and receive additional ESSER II funds is available in the "LEA List" tab of the ESSER II & III Hours of Instruction Workbook. The LEA reporting requirements for receipt of additional funds are as follows:

  • LEAs eligible for additional ESSER III funds (shown in the "LEA List" tab of the ESSER II & III Hours of Instruction Workbook as "ESSER III" or "Both") that have provided at least 50 percent of their 2020-21 hours of instruction as in-person must report both in-person and virtual/remote hours in order to receive additional ESSER III funds.
  • LEAs eligible for additional ESSER III funds that provided less than 50 percent of in-person hours of instruction must report only in-person hours to receive a share of any additional ESSER III funds left over after allocations are distributed to LEAs that met the 50 percent requirement.
  • LEAs eligible for additional ESSER II funds (shown in the list as "ESSER II" or "Both") must report only in-person hours in order to receive additional ESSER II funds.
  • Other LEAs (those not shown in the list) do not have to report in-person or virtual/remote hours.

The revisions are fully compatible with the ESSER II in-person versions posted previously. If your LEA has already compiled in-person instructional hours you do not need to redo that work. Data from the previous workbook can be copied directly into the revised one.

LEAs have two options for compiling the hours of in-person and virtual/remote instruction reported to DPI:

  1. Use the DPI-provided workbook. The workbook is designed for use by LEAs with a baseline level of records for the 2020-21 school year.
  2. Use an alternative method. An LEA with sufficiently detailed records available to determine its total in-person and virtual/remote instructional hours for 2020-21 may use an alternative method. The LEA must document and report on its method, including an explanation of how the method complies with the definitions of in-person instruction specified by Motion #16 and the Instructions & Guidance document linked below.

A link to the data collection form was emailed to eligible districts/LEAs on June 23. The form is due on Friday, August 27, 2021 (deadline extended 7/16/2021).

Resources (Updated July 26, 2021)

For questions about this information, contact Roger Kordus (608) 267-3752