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Auditors Listserv


This page is devoted to recent DPI updates of interest to school district auditors. Sign-up to receive periodic newsletters via the listserv form below. News items are short but may include links to additional information.

Information for 2018-19 School District Audits (Annual Auditor Letter) - June 28, 2019

CPA Firms Listserv

Join the Listserv for CPA Firms Auditing Wisconsin School Districts and CESAs.


The School Finance Team "LEA auditor" (local education agency auditor) mailing list is designed to facilitate timely and interactive electronic communication among the School Financial Services Team (SFS) at DPI and the public accounting firms that audit school districts, CESAs, and other local education agencies. The SFS Team uses this list to send out routine correspondence, audit alerts, notices of major additions to our website, as well as facilitate discussions among the subscribers to the listserv.

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