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Governor’s CRF Funding Update

Friday, December 3, 2021


Staff from the SFS Team and Department of Administration (DOA) met yesterday afternoon (Thursday, Dec. 2) to discuss the additional CARES Act CRF funds announced that morning. DOA will process payments for Wednesday, Dec. 8 via ACH or LGIP transfer, whichever you have set up for your LEA’s school aid payments. These will not appear on the DPI Aids Register. Due to bank processing, your LEA may not actually receive the deposit until Thursday, Dec. 9.

Gov. Evers stated that these funds are “an opportunity for schools to invest directly into programming to help students both in and out of the classroom, allowing schools to hire additional educators and staff, provide more educational and extracurricular opportunities, invest in mental health supports, buy art supplies or computers, or keep the lights on—whatever they need and, most importantly, whatever our kids need.”

SFS Team staff are reviewing the information provided by DOA to determine which federal auditing, accounting, or reporting requirements apply to these funds, and how we advise LEAs on accounting and coding. That information will be made available as soon possible.

For questions about this information, contact (608) 267-9114