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SFS COVID-19 Update #1

Tuesday, March 17, 2020


The SFS Team has been working with DPI IT and other staff to maintain our operations as much as possible. Continued payments of state aids and federal grants are a very high priority in our continuity of operations (COOP) plan. Fortunately, March 23 payments of general aids and Per Pupil Aid were already in process last week. The next payment is Common School Fund Library Aid on April 27.

All SFS Team members have remote network and VoIP access and we are formalizing telework arrangements, so your contacts will remain the same. That said, individual staff may be unavailable from time to time for medical, childcare, or other reasons.

We have been asked about the May 1 due date for membership audits. DPI is reviewing statutes and processes on membership audits for public school districts, independent charter schools, and choice schools. Updated information will be provided as soon as we are able, but for now May 1 is still in place.

Finally, we had several presentations scheduled this week at the now-cancelled WASBO Accounting Conference. We will determine how to make the information available from the Spring Finance Workshop and other conference sessions available, but right now the focus is on COOP and getting staff up and running.

It has been an extraordinary six days for all of us. We appreciate your work to keep your kids and staff safe, engaged, and healthy.

For questions about this information, contact Daniel Bush (608) 266-6968