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Special Education Edit Checking

Thursday, October 31, 2019


The PI-1505-SE Special Education Annual Report has been reopened for edits and late changes through November 8, 2019. The first edit check was run on Monday, October 21. If you received an email, please review flagged edits and make corrections to your PI-1505-SE or respond to Roselynn Bittorf with an explanation for the edit.

In addition, we recommend using this time to confirm that your grant payments in and out (GPI and GPO) match the other LEAs’ reports:

  • Confirm that you are reconciling with other LEAs regarding GPI/GPO. In the PI-1505-SE, select Data Reports and select the first report, Reconcile Grant Payments. This report can help you reconcile grant payments made between organizations.
  • Confirm that grant expenditures (project 340) reported with an object code for payments to other aid-eligible LEAs (382 to District, 383 to CCDEB, or 386 to CESA) are also reported as Grant Payments Out (GPO) (line 2 on Enter/Edit Data screen in the PI-1505-SE).
For questions about this information, contact Roselynn Bittorf (608) 267-9212