Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
Policy and Budget

The data displayed in the maps below are the result of simulating additional special education categorical aid that districts would have received in FY20 and FY21 if the Governor’s 2021-23 budget proposal for raising the reimbursement rates to 45% and 50% had been in place in the current (2019-21) biennium.

Two versions of the map are included because one map can’t represent all of the districts in Wisconsin due to the union high school system. Districts in the union high school system are arranged such that multiple K-8 districts are associated with one 9-12 district, known as a union high school. For example, the K-8 districts Geneva J4, Genoa City J2, Lake Geneva J1, and Linn J4 are associated with the 9-12 union high school Lake Geneva-Genoa City UHS. In the union high school system K-8 district territories overlap with the 9-12 district territory and so can’t be shown on one map because the shapes that represent the K-8 districts and 9-12 districts would overlap.

Map shading represents the percent of students with disabilities in fiscal year 2019.

Hover over a district to see fiscal year 2019 students with disabilities information, fiscal year 2020 actual aid, and fiscal year 2021 actual aid.

Elementary (K-8) and K-12 Districts