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SLDS 2019 Grant

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Wisconsin SLDS 2019 Grant--Facilitating Data Integration through Education Choice and Equity-Driven Research-Practice Partnerships

This grant is to be completed between March 2020 and February 2024 and is funded by a $3,455,799 grant from the US Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences.


The primary objective of the grant is to integrate several key systems into the WISE suite, including:

  1. Some of our educational choice systems
  2. The primary mechanism for distributing the vast majority of school aids
  3. The underlying enterprise database which feeds nearly all information systems at DPI. These systems and tools are all inextricably linked from a business process flow, and the integration upgrades will streamline efforts and address data quality issues that exist due to the current non-integrated approach.

The project will enhance the parent experience through better system integration and an even higher level of data privacy and security. This integration of data systems in our proposal also increases DPI’s range of research and evaluation efforts to include other local education agency types (including those associated with educational choice programs) and the financial data that will be incorporated.

Last, the deliberate and intentional relationship between DPI and researchers proposed here will build on our success in previous grants and will result in greater uptake of evidence-based practices to impact policy, schools, and classrooms.