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SLDS Instructional Support

Teacher with Students

Instructional Support Priorities

  • Extend the SLDS to classroom relevant data.
  • Increase assessment literacy and balanced assessment practices.
  • Increase data-informed planning and better facilitate research-supported improvement planning

SmartTeach (Classroom Data Tool)

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This tool will be used by educators to store and track local classroom-level student performance data used to plan for instruction. An advisory group consisting of classroom teachers, administrators, curriculum and instruction specialists, District Assessment Coordinators, educator preparation programs, and researchers play a significant role by assisting the DPI Applications Development team in making the classroom data management tool as efficient as possible by recommending user-friendly features that save time and add value, while also identifying areas where DPI can provide assistance for districts. The tool will be piloted in at least four districts (both large and small) across the state this spring. The tool is expected to be available to school districts for the 2018-2019 school year. If you are interested in participating in this pilot, or would like to recommend a school district to participate, please email

Data and Assessment Literacy E-Learning Modules

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These e-learning modules focus on basic assessment and data literacy as well as strategic assessment systems. They can be taken by individual learners or learning teams, and also be used for district or school wide professional development. The modules are currently in production with a tentative release date of spring 2019. For more information, email

US Department of Education School Climate Survey

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Go to the Climate Survey page for information on how to conduct climate surveys in your district. 

WISEdash Local 

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WISEdash Local is a system of local data that is kept separate from other WISEdata.