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SLDS Research and Evaluation

Team Collaboration


  • Identify and evaluate equity-promoting practices
  • Increase the frequency, quality, and capacity for local evaluation
  • Conduct research with data from other state agencies linked to the SLDS

Pathways for Success

  • Engage in investigator-initiated research projects to a) understand variation in opportunity and achievement disparities, and b) identify effective practices to reduce these disparities
  • Evaluate and support an array of practitioner-initiated practices and interventions
  • Increase access to evaluation-related technical assistance and capacity-building activities
  • Facilitate bidirectional communication between Wisconsin's practitioners and researchers  


  • Wisconsin Center for Education Research
  • Institute for Research on Poverty
  • Wisconsin Evaluation Collaborative
  • The Network

DPI Research (Policy and Budget)

For more information on research at DPI, please visit our Policy and Budget Website.

For questions about this information, contact Carl Frederick (608) 267-9232