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New Wisconsin First Nations Website for Educators

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Searching for resources to teach American Indian Studies in your classroom?

Explore Wisconsin First Nations.

This website provides authentic and accurate PK-12 resources that address current academic standards and enhance your students understanding of Wisconsin Native cultures and communities.

Teacher professional learning resources are also provided, including a Frequently Asked Questions section for answering hard-to-ask questions you may have when teaching about Native cultures, and exemplar videos featuring Wisconsin teachers modeling how to incorporate American Indian Studies into students’ everyday learning.

Wisconsin First Nations assists educators in fulfilling Wisconsin Education Act 31, the statutory requirement that all school districts provide instruction in the history, culture and tribal sovereignty of the American Indian nations in the state.

This resource was developed by the Wisconsin Act 31 Coalition Partners, a network of organizations in Wisconsin dedicated to the development of resources and implementation of Wisconsin Education Act 31. The partners include: Wisconsin Public Television (WPT) Education, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, the Wisconsin Indian Education Association, University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Education, the Wisconsin Historical Society, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay First Nation Studies, and the Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission.

For questions about this information, contact Kristen McDaniel (608) 266-2207