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Summer 2020 Programming: No Bootcamp this year?!

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Summer 2020...I had plans for Year 3 kickoff of standards implementation...

So here's the dirt. 

  • I have gotten SO much feedback from educators, districts, and CESAs that they are not ready to move into the next phase of implementation - which would be implementing the curriculum work done this year.  This is more of a problem than some people think - because state testing waits for no one, and it is set to roll in 2021.  So I've been trying to figure out where to go with this feedback, and what to do. 
  • Bootcamp has always been a time for "LET'S DO THE THING!".  But there is no new thing if we don't move to the next phase of implementation. I know some districts are ready.  I also know some districts have not even started any type of realignment to the new standards.  I know this sounds funny, but before the standards were adopted in 2018, we were all kind of in the same boat - "What can we do to improve our social studies teaching and learning while we wait for new standards?  I don't want to redo our entire curriculum until we know what the standards will look like!" - and now, every district is doing something different.  This is one of the things that happen, of course, in our local control state.  
  • So my plan is, instead of Bootcamp ("LET'S DO THE THING!"), I'm going to spend time this summer working to get caught up - to finish and provide the resources that I have over-promised and under-released. 

Right now, the only workshop I have planned for summer 2020 is a partnership with the WI Historical Society.  We will be releasing information on that soon.

There's a couple of other reasons, including being swamped with work and not even feeling caught up from BC2019.  At the moment, I do plan to hold a Bootcamp 2021.  

This doesn't mean I won't be in contact, or able to talk with districts, etc.  It's very easy for me to set up a Zoom to come to your PLC or curriculum meetings virtually, and I'd be happy to do so.  

As always, feel free to let me know questions or comments that come up!

Kris McDaniel

WI DPI Social Studies consultant