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2018 State Superintendent's Conference on Special Education & Pupil Services Leadership Issues from October 9-10, 2018

 34th Annual Conference, October 9-10, 2018
Conference Materials

Tuesday, October 9, 2018
10:45 am Sectionals 1:30 pm Sectionals 3:15 pm Sectionals
Wednesday, October 10, 2018
10:15 am Sectionals

11:30 am Sectionals

Updates from DPI

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Keynote Presentation – Stuck Improving: Understanding Organizational Capacity for Equity-focused Improvement

Presenter: Dr. Decoteau Irby

Handout: Stuck Improving: Organizational Capacity for Equity-focused Improvement

10:30 am Sectionals

Addressing Opportunity Gaps through Title IV

Presenters: Emily Holder and Alison Wineberg

Handout: Title IV

Educator Preparation and Licensing Updates

Presenters: David DeGuire

Handouts: None Available

Disciplinary Protections for Students under IDEA

Presenters: Margaret Resan


Alternate Assessment and Essential Elements

Presenters: Iris Jacobson and Michael Peacy

Handout: Alternate Assessment

Comprehensive Evaluation for Special Education Eligibility

Presenter: Elizabeth Cook

Handout: None Available

Introduction to Transformative Race Talk

Presenter: Dr. Decoteau Irby

Handout: Transformative Race Talk: A Lever for Organizational Improvement


DPI Update

1:30 pm Sectionals

School Nursing Services -- What Every School Nurse Would like You to Understand

Presenter: Louise Wilson

Handout: AACCN Decision Grid
Acuity Tool
Chart Health Service
Comparison Chart Services
Individual Student Acuity
Sample Parent Agreement
Sample Private Duty Nursing
School Nursing Services
Workforce Study Infographic Funding
Workforce Study Infographic School Nurses
Workforce Study Infographic School Nursing

2018 Wisconsin Legal Update

Presenters: Paul Sherman and Patricia Williams

Handout: WI Legal Update

Building Adult Compassion Resilience: A Toolkit for Schools

Presenters: Sue McKenzie and Monica Wightman

Handout: Adult Compassion

Screening, Brief Intervention, and Recommendation for Treatment (SBIRT): An Overview

Presenters: Carol Zabel and Tracy Herlitzke

Handout: SBIRT

Everything You Need to Know About Early Childhood

Presenters: Michele Ogorek

Handout: Determine LRE
Child Outcomes
EC Back to School Checklist
Indicator 7 Outcomes
EC Statewide Contacts

Introduction to Transformative Race Talk

Presenter: Dr. Decoteau Irby

Handout: Transformative Race Talk: A Lever for Organizational Improvement

3:15 pm Sectionals

UDL Classroom Look-Fors and Other Implementation Protocols

Presenters: Jayne Bischoff and Kimberly Schiefelbein

Handout: UDL Classroom Look-fors and Other Implementation Protocols

2018 Wisconsin Legal Update

Presenters: Paul Sherman and Patricia Williams

Handouts: WI Legal Update

A Collaborative Approach to School Mental Health

Presenters: Scott Strong and Monica Wightman

Handout: School Mental Health

Co-Teaching - Using Collaboration to Support Inclusive Environments

Presenters: Debra Ahrens and Ceil Carse

Handout: Co-Teaching References
Inclusive Learning Practice Profile version 2.0 Draft
Individual Educator Plan-At-A-Glance for Co-Teaching

What Do I Need to Know About Upcoming Federal Identifications?

Presenters: Rachael Bergstrom, Julia Hartwig and Laura Pinsonneault

Helping Schools Help Transgender and Non-Binary Students: Practices and Policies

Presenters: Molly Herrmann and Brian Juchems

Handout: None Available

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Keynote Presentation – Updates on Special Education Cases and Trends: RtI, Child-Find, Endrew Implications and More

Presenter: Jose Martin

Handout: Updates on Special Education Cases and Trends

10:15 am Sectionals

School Safety: Child Sexual Abuse Prevention

Presenters: Mary Kleman and Abby Strehlow


Suicide Prevention: Identifying Risk Factors and Building Protective Factors

Presenter: Gregg Curtis

Handout: Suicide Prevention PowerPoint

Social and Emotional Learning and IEP Development

Presenters: Jessica Nichols

Handouts: Social and Emotional Learning in Wisconsin PK-12 Schools
CCR IEP 5-Step Process Chart
WI Safe and Healthy Schools Center: Moving Forward with Social Emotional Learning
Social Emotional Learning and IEP Development

Sex, Suicide and School Safety: Recent Findings and Coming Attractions from the Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS)

Presenters: Kate McCoy


Navigating the IDEA State Complaint Process

Presenters: Megan Jones, Margaret Resan, and Christina Spector

Handout: IDEA State Complaint Procedures

Section 504 and IDEA: Comparing and Contrasting the Tricky Areas

Presenter: Jose Martin

                     Section 504 and IDEA PowerPoint Comparison Chart

11:30 am Sectionals

Coaching Systems Development

Presenters: Rachel Fregien and Joseph Kanke

Please keep in mind you will need an electronic device if you wish to access slides during this session.

Integration of Social Emotional Learning into a General Education Classroom to Create a Safe Classroom for Every Student

Presenters: Tracy Hamm Warnecke

Handout: None Available

Supporting Neurodiverse Students Professional Learning System: Who, What, When, Where and Why

Presenters: Katie Berg and Jessica Nichols

Handout: Supporting Neurodiverse Students
SNS Who What

Every Student Succeeds Act and Children in Out-of-Home Care

Presenters: Kyle Peaden and Lindsay Wood


Our District's Experience with the RDA: PCSA

Presenters: Anita Castro, Caleb Feidt, Laurie Johnson, Christine McMasters, Linda Pierron, and Cathleen Reed

Handouts: RDA: PCSA

Special Education Students and Juvenile Justice and Law Enforcement Agencies

Presenter: Jose Martin