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2019 Data snapshots

Friday, March 15, 2019

A snapshot is taken on a predetermined date to capture the data that exists in WISEdash at the time of the snapshot. In general terms, snapshots are pieces of data that are copied from active, dynamic tables in the DPI Data Warehouse (DW) at a specific point of time to a “permanent” location to support current and future reporting. This facilitates reporting from an unchanging set of attributes, providing consistent, repeatable query results unaffected by the dynamics of real-world changes and corrections.

Here are the snapshot dates and contents for 2019:
May 21, 2019: Spring Demographic Snapshot

All demographics will be captured: Race/Ethnicity, Gender, Grade Level, Disability Status, Migrant Status, ELL, Homeless, Parent in Military, and the two data elements for Economically Disadvantaged Status.

December 10, 2019: Student Snapshot
  • 2018-19 Year End Attendance, Discipline, Completion, Roster, Career Education
  • 2019-20 Third Friday of September Enrollment
  • 2019-20 October 1 Child Count of students with disabilities

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