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What’s New with the Postsecondary Transition Plan (PTP) and Transition Services

This page is intended to provide announcements and alerts regarding the PTP application and transition planning/service initiatives.

Transition Readiness Grant: Q&A Follow Up

Thank you for those who were able to join us for the TRG webinar on February 14, 2019. Below are the materials from the webinar. Please contact Alicia Reinhard with additional questions regarding the Transition Readiness Grant application/program at or 608-266-1146.

Webinar Power Point 

Webinar transcript

Question and Answer Summary 

Transition Readiness Grant: Q&A Session

Are you looking for more information before applying for the Transition Readiness Grant (TRG) Program? Please join us February 14, 2019, from 9:30am - 10:30am for a brief presentation on the TRG Program followed by a Q&A session. You can access this meeting at Registration is not required.

Transition Readiness Grants: Evidence-Based Practice Fund: Application now available!

The Transition Readiness Grant program was established in FY 19 to assist districts and charter schools under Wisconsin State Statute 118.40(2r) and (2x) in expanding capacity to provide transition services for pupils with disabilities. School districts and charter schools under Wis. Stat. 118.40(2r) and (2x) are eligible to compete for funding for FY 20 that supports evidence-based practices related to successful transition from high school to beyond for students with IEPs. The $1.5 million fund will support transportation options (including contracted services or vehicle purchases), Project Search tuition/supports, post-secondary tuition/supports for students, transition certificates for staff members, and training for paraprofessionals. Grant awards must be not less than $25,000 and not more than $100,000. Substitutions for a funding category will not be allowed. A $3.5 million increase to the Transition Readiness Grant program was requested in 2019-2021 biennial state budget. Information regarding the availability of this fund increase will be made available to schools in summer 2019.

Funding will be determined based on a competitive process. The Transition Readiness Grant Application Evidence-Based Practices Fund application is now available with a due date of March 1, 2019. Please see the full application for further details.

See the Indicator 14 or Post School Outcomes website for additional directions on completing the application requirements.

Save the date for the Q & A webinar for applicants on February 14 - 9:30 a.m. CST. The webinar will recorded and posted on this page.

Transition Readiness Grants: Evidence-Based Practice Fund - Grant Opportunity

School districts and charter schools are eligible to compete for funding that supports evidence-based practices related to successful transition from high school to beyond for students with IEPs. The $1.5 million fund will support transportation options (including contracted services or vehicle purchases), Project Search tuition/supports, post-secondary tuition/supports for students, training for paraprofessionals and transition certificates for staff members.

Applications available: February 1, 2019

Applications due: March 1, 2019

Save the date for the Q & A webinar for applicants on February 14 - 9:30 a.m. CST

Changes to Course Study

The PTP offers IEP teams two options for completing a student’s course of study. IEP teams can manually enter course names, or can select course names from a database. To this point the course database was populated with courses listed in the DPI Coursework Completion System (CWCS). The CWCS is no longer operational and has been replaced by the DPI Roster system. Beginning December 13, 2018, the PTP will link to the Roster system’s course database. DPI hopes PTP users will find the Roster database more useful as it will only display courses specifically linked to the student’s school district. The option to manually enter course names will not be affected by the update.

PTP Update 4/18/2018

Question 22 - Added Parent and Student Email, and Phone Number Fields:

When answering “yes” to Question 22 indicating the student will be graduating by the end of the school year, the user will be required to enter a phone number and email address for both the parent and student. It is important to collect a personal email from the student that is not a school email. This is because the collection of phone number and email information will then be available to your district when preparing contact information for the Indicator 14 survey. With the addition of phone number and personal email information, the district will be able to use the Reports tab in the PTP to generate a list of students who graduated in the exit year participating in the Indicator 14 survey (one year prior). Indicator 14 survey outcomes are currently used to determine funding for the Transition Incentive Grant program.

PTP Update 10/18/2017

Two new questions have been added to the Postsecondary Transition Plan (PTP)

Addition #1. The development of an Academic Career Plan is now required for students in grades 6 – 12 who are enrolled in a public school in Wisconsin. Review of ACP information when completing the PTP is best practice. The IEP team is now prompted in the PTP system to answer whether or not information from the student’s ACP was considered. Users will be able to proceed if it was not, but this is recommended.

Addition #2. The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) requires that school districts provide Pre-Employment Transition Services to students ages 14-21 in conjunction with the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR). The IEP team is now asked to confirm that at least one transition service from the prior year’s PTP was provided to the student.

PTP Update 11/30/2016

“Create PTP” and “Match” Functions are Once Again Operational

As of November 29, 2016, PTP users are able to locate a student through the “Create PTP” option.  Student searches can be conducted by the student’s full name and date of birth or the student’s WISEid. Using just the WISEid is the most efficient method. Please note that if the WISEid is not available, student information will need to be entered in each of the three fields: last name, first name, and date of birth. Use the green “search” bar after entering the required information.  If the student cannot be located in the system, you will be prompted to create a record without a WISEid match using the gold “add student without WISEid” bar.

All records created without a WISEid (formerly WSN) in the past few months should now be “matched” and submitted to DPI.  Matches can be made by any PTP user with Director/Designee access. Matches can be made by going into the Locked but not Submitted report and selecting the student to match.

PTP Alert 9/14/2016 (Updated 11/3/2016)

Work to integrate the WISEid and PTP systems continues.  We apologize for the additional delay on the availability of WISEid matches for student PTP records. 

At this point, we anticipate PTP users will be able to make WISEid matches by mid-late November.  Initially, WISEid matches for students new to a district or with an initial PTP may take up to 24 hours to show up in the system.  By the end of the calendar year, all WISEid matches should display immediately in the PTP system.

We fully understand that PTPs without matches cannot be submitted within 30 days of a meeting, so please be assured that districts will not be deemed non-compliant for failure to submit to DPI within the required timeframe.  Districts should, however, lock, print, and send the PTP to the student and family with the rest of the IEP within that timeframe.

PTP Enhancement 9/1/2016

On September 7, 2016, a new set of transition services will be available in the PTP application.  The new transition services have been designed to more accurately reflect the “service” aspect of transition services, and to align with the federal Workforce Opportunities and Innovation Act (WIOA).  Transition services selected from the old list will continue to appear on a student’s PTP, but IEP teams will no longer be able to select services from the old list when creating or revising a PTP.  “Other” remains an available option for IEP teams that wish to customize a student’s transition services.

PTP Alert 8/19/2016

The PTP Application will be unavailable August 20 & 21, 2016 due to server maintenance.

WSN/WISE ID Matches in the PTP System Currently Unavailable 8/3/2016


PTP Enhancements and Fixes 3/24/2016

  • Submitted Report performance increased and name filter added
  • New Meeting report is now functional again.

PTP Update 2/29/2016

We have made changes in the last few months to prevent users from using two or more browser tabs of the PTP application at the same time. If you do so, you may receive an application error and will need to log back into the PTP.

We recommend users do not use two tabs while using the PTP. If you need to refer to a previously submitted PTP, you can download the I-8 from the Revise Submitted PTP tab or the Student History report in the Reports tab. You can have that document open in another tab at the same time as the application.​

PTP Enhancements and Fixes 11/24/2015

Blank I-8 PDF fix for Chrome

Minor changes to the ‘Other’ Descriptions report
Minor changes to the ‘Revise Submitted PTP’ tab
Automatic Deletion of PTPs – Timeframe shortened

PTP Workaround 10/22/2015


PTP Alert 10/16/2015

We have had several reports come in stating that users are sometimes seeing a blank I-8 PDF page. We have not changed how the PDF is generated, but browser and/or Adobe updates may have created this issue.

If this occurs, you can a) try to open the application in a different browser (Internet Explorer versus Google) or b) download the PDF and open the record in a PDF reader rather than the browser.

Contact your local IT staff for further support.

PTP Update 9/2/2015

2015-2016 School Year – Tips, Reminders, and What’s New summary

PTP Enhancements and Fixes 6/18/2015

This round of enhancements brings Mass Transfer functionality to Move Student (Director/Designee only) and also allows users to download the PDF of submitted PTPs directly from the Submitted and Student History reports.

PTP Enhancements and Fixes 5/28/2015

This update addresses the issue raised in PTP Alert 5/08/15.

PTP Alert 05/08/2015

If the meeting date of a PTP is May 1 or later, Transition Services and Courses of Study are required for the following school year rather than the current year if the student is not exiting. Due to this requirement, the 2014-2015 school year is no longer available to select in the dropdown list on these pages.

We have received multiple requests to add the current school year back to the dropdown list, but won’t be able to complete this work immediately. In the meantime, if you would like to add Transition Services and Courses of Study to 2014-2015 you can temporarily change the meeting date of the PTP to a date prior to May 1. 2014-2015 will then be available in the dropdown list on these pages. Be sure to change the meeting date back to the correct date prior to locking.

We will post an Enhancements and Fixes update once this functionality has been updated.

PTP Enhancements and Fixes 4/6/2015


PTP Enhancements and Fixes 11/24/2014


PTP Enhancements and Fixes 10/23/2014


PTP Update 10/1/2014


PTP Update 9/3/2014


PTP Alert 03/19/2014

The following issue is RESOLVED - Users were unable to create new PTPs or update existing PTPs late in the afternoon on March 19. Users received the PTP error page when attempting these actions. The new I-8 form may be completed if the PTP application is unavailable in the future.

PTP Alert 03/19/2014

Currently users are unable to create new PTPs or update existing PTPs. Users will receive the PTP error page when attempting these actions. We are currently investigating the issue and will post an update as soon as it is available. The new I-8 form may be completed while the PTP application is unavailable.

PTP Update 2/21/2014


PTP Enhancements beginning 2/6/2014


PTP Enhancements beginning 12/2/2013


PTP Alert 11/26/2013

We experienced minor server issues on November 25th & 26th that left the PTP inaccessible, giving the message “Bad Gateway….” after a user attempted to login. The issue has been resolved.

PTP Alert 11/21/2013

Beginning December 2, the PTP application will do a daily cleanup that will automatically delete any unlocked records created more than one year ago. Such records are likely drafts that were not implemented or duplicate records created in error. Locking records will prevent deletion.

PTP reminders to begin 2013-14 School Year 8/14/2013

PTP Enhancements released on 5/15/2013:

  1. Step 16: Transition Services
  2. Noncompliant PTPs - New Meeting Required
  3. School year selection

PTP Alert 4/17/2013

  1. DPI has been notified of the difficulties users are experiences when creating new PTPs. The application navigation buttons are grayed out not allowing users to proceed or save.  We are working to identify the problem and resolve it as soon as possible. Check back to this website for updates.
  2. We experienced some login issues with PTP on 4/16/13 and in the morning of 4/17/13.  Login issues have been resolved. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

PTP Enhancements 4/8/2013

PTP users with the access role of Director/Designee will now be able to access the “Delete PTP” feature in 2 additional ways:

  1. On the PTP Completion Page, select “Delete PTP” from the options provided.
  2. From the PTP Records - Students With No Associated WSN, click on the student’s name and the WSN match box will appear.

When developing the postsecondary goal in the area of education and training, a user should select “Other” and manually enter information if the student will be attending a Sheltered Workshop or Day Services Program.  See the Learn More button on this step for additional information, examples and resources.  See DPI’s summary of the OSEP guidance letter related to postsecondary transition planning for students with disabilities work placements and Least Restrictive Environment (LRE).

PTP Alert for 3/19/2013:

The “Lock PTP” function has been restored to all PTP users.

PTP Alert for 3/15/2013:

The “Lock PTP” function is currently unavailable to ALL users.  We hope to have this resolved early next week.  An update will be posted to this page when this has been rectified.   IEP teams may still create a new PTP; however, the PTP cannot be locked or revised at this time.

PTP Enhancements released on 2/21/2013:

  1. Delete PTP function (Duplicate records)
  2. Career level added to Postsecondary Goal: Employment
  3. Additional Transition Services
  4. Edit Student Information if record was created without a WSN
  5. Return to Start of PTP/Return to End of PTP from the PTP completion page
  6. PTP Reports