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Assistive Technology Lending Center Update (ATLC)

Friday, June 2, 2023

We hope that many of you have been able to take advantage of the high-end Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) devices available for trial purposes and housed at the Assistive Technology Lending Center (ATLC). The ATLC will be closed from June-August to take inventory, clean, and complete necessary device updates. We want to take this opportunity to thank those of you who provided input on our recent survey for lite to mid-tech AT purchases. As a result, we added the ATLC to include an additional $10,000 of lite to mid-tech assistive technology that will be available for loan next school year. Here’s what’s new for 2023-24: additional reading pens, a vibrating smart wristwatch, iPad stands, a variety of switches (wired & Bluetooth), switch mounts and switch kits, USB switch interface, PowerLink 4, adaptive gaming kits, mid-tech devices (Logan® ProxTalker®, the SuperTalker Feather Touch, Communication Builder, and QuickTalker 23+), and adaptive keyboards (Kinderboard & Arithmetype).

We also added to our high-tech device inventory with the addition of another speech-generating device with eye gaze (PCEye 5 with TD control), a mini iPad, and a variety of key guards. These items will be available next school year for short-term loans through the hosting site Wisconsin AT4ALL. You can also find lending centers through the Wisconsin AT Resource Map. The ATLC is a partnership, including Wisconsin AT4ALL and CESA 2, to bring an abundance of assistive technology statewide to school districts across Wisconsin. Have a great summer, and we will see you in September!