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Child Outcomes (Indicator 7) End-of-the-Year Procedures

Friday, June 2, 2023

All students who are entering kindergarten (5K) the following school year will need to be exited from Child Outcomes. You will complete exit ratings for all students who received at least six months of service. You will not need to do ratings for students who did not receive six months of service, but you will need to go into the application and exit those students (with an exit date). The Indicator 7 Child Outcome application will accept an exit date up to 30 days in advance to allow child outcomes ratings teams to begin completing the exit outcomes records prior to the end of the school year for those children who will be entering kindergarten (5K) the following school year. Students who are being retained will NOT be "exited" from Child Outcomes until the next school year. You will not complete an exit record on them at the end of this school year but rather at the end of the next school year. The exit date for a student "exiting" Child Outcomes will be the last day the child received services prior to kindergarten (5K) entry. If you have any questions regarding Child Outcomes, please email Michelle Ogorek at