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CCR IEP Discussion Tool

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An online College and Career Ready IEP Discussion Tool was developed by the department with stakeholder input to assist IEP team members in developing a College and Career Ready IEP. Through guiding questions aligned with the prompts on the IEP Linking Form (I-4), IEP team members are encouraged to think about and engage in conversations to improve student outcomes.

The online discussion tool:

  • May be used by parents, students, educators, and IEP teams to prepare for an IEP team meeting or to help develop a CCR IEP.
  • May supplement educator training on key areas of IEP development using a 5-Step Process and alignment with 5 core beliefs about CCR IEPs.
  • Bridges IEP forms with CCR IEP professional development modules and best practice resources.
  • Supplements local district IEP software management systems.

CCR IEP Discussion Tool

Use the link above to begin using the discussion tool! Learn about and explore the 5 Beliefs, the 5-Step Process, the IEP Linking Form and Reading Drives Achievement pathways to CCR IEP development. You may answer guiding questions through the various pathways and print your responses for future reference.

We appreciate any feedback you have on using the CCR IEP Discussion Tool.
We would like to update questions or refine navigation features to assist IEP teams in developing IEPs linked to improving outcomes for students.

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