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CCR IEP Resources


Updated CCR IEP Web Page and Professional Learning Resources for Developing IEPs

Based on input from the field, the DPI Special Education Team has updated and re-organized the College and Career Ready IEP (CCR IEP) webpage to align all of the CCR IEP learning resources around the CCR IEP 5 Beliefs and 5 Step Process. Professional learning resources includes webinars, Five Step Process step-check documents, slide decks, and content specific resources. In addition we have a new CCR IEP Introductory video that provides a quick and cohesive summary of the CCR IEP Five Step Process that is aligned with DPI’s I-4 sample IEP form.

Check out the new site at: More resources will be added throughout the year, so check back frequently. Please be aware that if you have the old CCR IEP webpages bookmarked, they are no longer in effect. It is best to start a new browser page to access the updated website.

Direct link to the new Learning Resources Page.

This page will become unpublished in the Spring of 2018.