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Wisconsin Assistive Technology Initiative (WATI) Assessment Package Forms in Form-Fillable Format

WATI Assessment Package
The WATI Assistive Technology assessment package is a process-based systematic approach to providing a functional assessment of the student’s need for assistive technology in their customary environment. This is not a test protocol. This assessment package includes the WATI Assessment forms including the Consideration Guide, Student Information Guide, Environmental Observation Guide, Decision Making Guide, AT Checklist, and Trial Use Guide.
WATI Assessment Package

The following forms as part of the Assessment Package are now available in a form-fillable format:

Assistive Technology Consideration Guide
Assistive Technology Assessment Directions/Procedure Guide
Referral/Question Identification Guide
Student Information Guide

Section 1 - Fine Motor Related to Computer (or Device) Access
Section 2 - Motor Aspects of Writing
Section 3 - Written Material
Section 4 - Communication
Section 5 - Reading
Section 6 - Learning and Studying
Section 7 - Math
Section 8 - Recreation and Leisure
Section 9 - Seating and Positioning
Section 10 - Mobility
Section 11 - Vision
Section 12 - Hearing
Section 13 - General

Environmental Observation Guide
Environmental Observation Summary (page 4 of guide)
Assistive Technology Decision Making Guide Sample - Blank Form to Record Activities
Assistive Technology Assessment Technology Checklist
Trial Use Guide
Trial Use Summary